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Frequently Asked Questions



How long will it take to get used to con­tact lenses?


It can take any­where from one day to a cou­ple of weeks, depend­ing on the person.


Can I use hair­spray with my lenses?


Make sure you put your lenses in after you use your hair­spray. Aerosols and pump sprays are sticky and can really mess up your lenses.


Can I use make-​up with my lenses?


Yes you can, but to min­imise dis­com­fort or your make up being ruined we rec­om­mend that you fol­low these sim­ple guidelines:

  • put your lenses on before you put your make-​up on, and if you can, use oil-​free and fra­grance free make-​up
  • replace your make-​up fre­quently, we rec­om­mend mas­cara every 3 months, eye­liner every 3 months and eye shadow every 6 months
  • use water-​resistant mas­cara and eye­liner to pre­vent flak­ing and smudg­ing. And avoid lash-​building fibres as they can cause irri­ta­tion if they get under­neath your lenses.


Can I use glit­ter when wear­ing my con­tact lenses?


Lotions, pow­ders and gels with bits of glit­ter look fab­u­lous when you put them on — but the tiny, shiny specks can get into your eyes and cause irri­ta­tion and prob­lems with your con­tact lenses. When you’ve applied your glit­tery gel, be care­ful not to touch your eyes — and wash the glit­ter off your hands right away.


Can I shower or swim in con­tact lenses ?


Always use appro­pri­ate swim­ming gog­gles if con­tact lenses are worn while swim­ming. Swim­ming gog­gles not only pro­tect against lens loss from swim­ming under water, but they may also offer some pro­tec­tion from the environment.

Ide­ally, you should take out your con­tact lenses when­ever you swim or shower. If you don’t, you could get an eye infection.

A swim­ming pool envi­ron­ment and the sea are loaded with bac­te­ria and micro-​organisms which could get in con­tact with your eyes. Swim­ming with con­tact lenses in puts your eyes at risk of infec­tion vs. swim­ming with­out your con­tact lenses.


How long can I wear my con­tact lenses?


Your eye care pro­fes­sional will rec­om­mend the length of time each day that your lenses can be worn.

There isn’t a sim­ple answer. With con­tact lenses it isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Your eye care pro­fes­sional will make a judg­ment based on your lifestyle and will dis­cuss your wear­ing sched­ule with you. If you think you might be wear­ing your lenses longer than you should, or would like to wear them longer then talk it through with your eye care professional.


Can I store or clean con­tact lenses with tap water?


Never use any­thing other than con­tact lens solu­tion to clean your lenses.

Con­tact lenses should never be stored in tap water, nor should they be rinsed with tap water. Tap water con­tains micro-​organisms that can latch onto the lenses, encour­ag­ing eye infec­tions — which if left untreated can lead to per­ma­nent vision loss. Make sure you always use a lens solu­tion. See how to wear and care for your lenses here. Tap water should also never come into con­tact with your lens case for the same rea­sons and you should always use a con­tact lens solu­tion to clean your lens case.


Can I re-​use the solu­tion in the stor­age case?


You should never re-​use your con­tact lens solu­tion. You should throw it out, rinse out your case with fresh solu­tion, and let it air dry. See how to wear and care for your lenses here.


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