Moisture Drops

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For instant relief of burning and irritation caused by dry eyes


Bausch+Lomb Moisture Drops are lubricant eye drops, which moisten your dry eyes


How do they help?


  • Moisture Drops mimic the three natural layers of our tear layer, thereby creating an artificial tear film Moisture Drops does not contain any vasoconstrictors (that reduce the appearance of red eyes) so are suitable for unlimited duration of use
  • They offer temporary relief of burning and irritation caused by dryness of the eye




  • Instil 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye(s) as needed
  • Remove your lenses first and then instil the drops
  • Lenses can be re-inserted about 10 minutes later


Added Value:


  • Use Bausch+Lomb Moisture Drops in conjunction with Ocuvite Complete if your dry, irritated eyes need more than just a drop


Marieke van Nieuwkerk
Brand Manager
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Bronwen Coleman
Marketing Manager
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Claudia Marais
National Sales Manager Surgical
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Marianne Oosthuizen
Responsible Pharmacist
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