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Who experiences presbyopia:


  • Occurs naturally as we age, and it is not a disease or illness
  • Where near vision becomes blurred making it hard to focus
  • Require multifocal vision correction
  • Commonly mistaken for farsightedness
  • Presbyopia is due to the loss of flexibility in the lens, whereas farsightedness is a result of a misshapen cornea


Symptoms of presbyopia:


  • Blurred vision on close objects that were once in focus due to the loss of flexibility in the lens


Causes of presbyopia:


  • As you age, the crystalline lens in your eye hardens and loses elasticity, which used to be soft and flexible - readily changing shape to see images from different distances
  • With this loss of elasticity and flexibility your eyes can no longer adjust properly to focus on near objects


What to do:


  • Presbyopia can be diagnosed by an eye care professional
  • Multifocal vision correction addresses your:
    • Near vision
    • Intermediate vision
    • Distance vision
  • Multifocal vision correction is done in a number of ways:
    • Magnifiers
    • Bifocal, multifocal or varifocal spectacles
  • Reading glasses
  • Contact lenses recent technology allows people who are entering into presbyopia to continue wearing contact lenses, instead of having to switch to bifocals, or reading glasses
  • Surgery – Crystalens is a unique artificial lens implant that, unlike a standard Intraocular Lens, can treat presbyopia (loss of near and intermediate vision), by recreating your eye's natural lens, allowing you to enjoy a fuller, more natural range of vision


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