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Hyperopia / farsighted


Who experiences farsightedness:


  • A common condition
  • Can be inherited
  • Babies and children are usually slightly farsighted, as their eyes grow and lengthen, the condition corrects itself, generally by age 7 or 8
  • Young adults who remain farsighted often don’t realise their condition because they have enough flexibility in focusing power to correct the condition without the aid of spectacles or contact lenses


Symptoms of farsightedness:


  • Blurred vision when looking at close objects, but distance vision is in focus
  • A constant effort to focus, which can lead to eye strain, headaches, and eye fatigue
  • Symptoms may be undetectable or very slight at first
  • Increased difficulty seeing near objects may occur with age, until eventually even distant objects appear blurred


Causes of farsightedness:


  • Light rays focus too far behind the retina as the eye is shorter than normal, as a result, the lens of the eye must exert effort to focus the image on the retina
  • Your eye does not have adequate focusing power — light rays fail to form a focus point by the time they reach the retina.


What to do:


  • Farsightedness can be diagnosed by an eye care professional with a simple eye exam
  • Contact lenses and spectacles correct farsightedness by converging light rays, which increases the eye's focusing power. This moves the eye's focus point forward, onto the retina
  • Easily corrected by refocusing the light rays onto the retina of the eye:
    • Spectacles
    • Contact lenses
    • Surgery - can be expensive, and pose a greater risk than a contact lens option, the procedure involves either laser technology or manual incisions to reshape the cornea of the affected eye/s


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