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Ocuvite Complete - Dry Eye


Ophthalmologists’ No.1 prescribed Eye Health Supplement1

How Ocuvite Complete may help alleviate Dry Eye Symptoms?

Ocuvite Complete contains Omega-3 Fatty acids that are known to reduce inflammation, but also promote a healthy tear film
and ocular surface which may assist in alleviating Dry Eye symptoms.2-3

How Ocuvite Complete may help reduce the risk of AMD?

Vitamin and mineral supplementation may reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced AMD4,5



Per 2 capsules

May assist in inhibiting Pro-inflammatory mediators and promote a healthy ocular surface4,5

Fish oil

1015,4 mg

with Omega-3 fatty acids

600 mg

of which DHA

360 mg

Forms the protective macular pigment that may help filter harmful blue light2


10 mg


2 mg

Antioxidants may help neutralize excess free radicals2

Vitamin E

30 mg

Vitamin C

180 mg


15 mg

Suitable for

  • AMD
  • Dry Eye symptoms3
  • Smokers

Recommended dosage

2 capsules daily with a meal

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced, varied diet and a healthy life style.

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